About Me


I am a creative, organized, and generous person. My attention to detail is second to none and can be attributed by the results produced in my life. My vast corporate background and solid loyalty allowed me to progress within one organization for over eleven years. I am someone who everyone could count on and could not live without. Investor relations and communications being core competencies, I have dealt with many high-pressure situations. In those scenarios, I have not only been proficient in listening, but formulating efficient plans of action for the good of the stakeholders and the organization.

My commitment is unwavering. Growing up in a family who has much experience in real estate, I was always exposed to the industry. Home building has been a passion for the family ever since I was a young girl. With a business background, I also hold a diploma in Interior Design and have a very intricate eye for detail, and have a vision for what’s possible with any type of property.

I have a true passion for people. For the community. A team player. You can count on me for anything.  To listen to what your needs are. What you really want. I am your partner in collectively coming up with a sound strategy that works for you. After that, execution is my trademark. I will not rest until I have completed what I said I will do. You can count on me to be a trusted partner in achieving your real estate goals, follow a smooth process, and be a loyal friend. 

Count on me to be your Real Estate Professional! 

Shilpa Dattani
Shilpa Dattani

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